DACA - Bishop's Response

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September 5, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With deep alarm we learned this morning of the cancellation of the DACA program and a schedule to phase-out the program in the next six months, unless Congress acts to pass a legislative solution. We want to express clearly at this time our concern for all the young people – Americans – who are affected by this troubling decision. We know many “Dreamers” in western Washington and admire the extraordinary contributions they are making to our communities and the vibrancy of our parishes. To penalize them because they entered the United States without documents as minors with their parents is unjust and does not reflect the proud tradition of our country.

As Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said today, “These youth entered the U.S. as minors and often know America as their only home. The Catholic Church has long watched with pride and admiration as DACA youth live out their daily lives with hope and determination to flourish and contribute to society: continuing to work and provide for their families, continuing to serve in the military, and continuing to receive an education. Now, after months of anxiety and fear about their futures, these brave young people face deportation.”

With Cardinal DiNardo and the excellent staff of the USCCB, we intend to strongly urge Congress to pass a legislative solution that is humane and fair. Not to do so would be to turn away from our very own sisters and brothers. We encourage all Catholics in western Washington to let their voices be heard as well. Please refer to the Washington State Catholic Conference’s (WSCC) action alert and add your voice to ours.

To our young friends who are fearful of deportation as a result of this decision by the Trump Administration, we want you to know that we are with you, that we pray for you, and that in the name of the Lord Jesus, we will do all we can to make the United States your permanent home.

Sincerely in Christ,



Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain
Archbishop of Seattle

Most Rev. Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS
Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle

Most Rev. Daniel H. Mueggenborg
Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle